8. A History of Climate Catastrophe

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. But this is not the first time Earth’s weather patterns have undergone cataclysmic disruptions. Just take a look at the global ice ages that occurred millions of years ago. These “Snowball Earths” likely had tremendous consequences: freezing the world over, triggering an upsurge of atmospheric oxygen, and maybe even giving rise to multicellular life. With near-record warming in the Arctic and environmental disasters ravaging the globe, understanding Earth’s geologic past may be crucial to ensuring that our planet even has a future. In this final episode of The Veritas Lab, Harvard geology professor Daniel Schrag discusses the tumultuous history of Earth’s climate and the preliminary steps we should take on the long road to decarbonization. Presented by the Harvard Crimson. Hosted by Katelyn Li and Sanjana Narayanan. Produced by Amanda Su. Podcast art by Margot Shang.