2. A Universe of Strings

The fundamental particles we know and love might actually be made of tiny strings that vibrate like the strings of a guitar. We also might be living in a universe with ten or more physical dimensions, some of them curled up where we can’t see them. These ideas, which are at the core of string theory, may sound extraordinary — but they may also be the key to that holy grail of physics, a theory of everything. In this episode of The Veritas Lab, Cumrun Vafa, a professor in Harvard’s Department of Physics, gives us a fascinating tour of the power and perplexities of string theory. If you’ve ever wanted to imagine what spacetime might look like at scales of 20 orders of magnitude smaller than a proton, take a listen! Presented by the Harvard Crimson. Hosted by Katelyn Li and Sanjana Narayanan. Produced by Amanda Su. Podcast art by Margot Shang.